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Ellena Reidie is a female only personal trainer and pose coach in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


She is a former IFBB Professional figure athlete in the sport of bodybuilding has traveled all around the world competing in prestigious competitions with the worlds best athletes.

She has personal experience in overcoming adrenal fatigue and metabolic damage and treats her clients with care, being sure to prevent the above while guiding her clients to achieve a balance with food and exercise while reaching their desired goals.

Ellena successfully burst into the scene in 2007 after several 1st place titles and world wide trips to represent Australia. She continued her success through the amateur ranks within IFBB Australia including placing 6th in the world at the Amateur Arnold Classic in 2011 and holding the National Figure title and Overall Australasian and Oceanic figure champion title.

She began competing as a professional athlete shortly after, making top 5 in the Australian Figure Pro and New Zealand Figure Pro, an extraordinary effort while competing against more seasoned and top ranked professional athletes from around the world.

Ellena is known to grace the stage with her poise and stand out stage presence, something she passes onto her posing clients in one on one sessions.
Pose Like A Pro sessions are designed for female competitors, of any category and of any federation who want to present their best physique on stage.

Ellena holds “Pose Like A Pro” sessions and one on one personal training sessions at Fox Fitness, Niddrie.