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No matter where in the world you are Ellena can help you reach your goals. Fully customized training programs and macro plans are available to you through this site. Get weekly updates on your progress and watch your body transform.

IMG_9619After trying every diet and fad under the sun, Ellena was introduced to Flexible Dieting (IIFYM) which has completely changed her outlook on “dieting”. Having experienced metabolic damage and severe adrenal fatigue Ellena uses her experience to assist women with fat loss, reverse dieting, sport specific, gaining muscle or to get up on stage and compete as a figure athlete, sports model or bodybuilder there is a package that suits you.

All packages include a customized training program and macro plan which is updated weekly as you progress.


On-line Packages

1 year   $2600

6 Months $1560

12 Weeks $840

8 Weeks $600

email for more information